[Brmlab] International open hackerspaces day on 29 march

Dave Borghuis dave at daveborghuis.nl
Sat Mar 1 19:27:00 CET 2014


Last year you all participated in the international hackerspace day. Are you interested to join this year again? This year we want to keep it on Saturday 29 March (last Saturday of March).

This day also happens to be Arduino day (to celebrate their 10 year existence ) so a great opportunity to combine this. (and register this on day.arduino.cc)

We have a etherpad for : 

English Press release (change if needed, more as a template for all spaces)

Participating spaces :

Also we made a entry on hackerspaces.org 

If you participate change the above documents to reflect this.

Have fun with the open day and till next year ? ;-)


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