[Brmlab] Fwd: QUICK QUESTION from Business Punk magazine: Brmlab photo

Radka Haneckova chidori at emptytriangle.com
Tue Oct 29 09:26:49 CET 2013

nevite kdo je autorem te fotky kterou mame na frontpage brmlab.cz?


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Date: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 4:46 PM
Subject: QUICK QUESTION from Business Punk magazine: Brmlab photo
To: chidori at emptytriangle.com

Dear Radka,

this is Joachim Hentschel, journalist in Berlin working for Business Punk

In our next issue, we have a big story about bio hacking, written by German
journalist Sascha Karberg (I'm sure you know him).

He also writes about Brmlab in the article.

To illustrate the article, we'd love to use the photo that I put in the
attachment of this mail message.

Do you know who made it?
Could you put me in touch with her/him to clear the rights?
And do you know where we could get a high resolution file of the image?

Thanks you very much, best wishes,

Joachim Hentschel
Freier Autor und Redakteur

Rheinsberger Str. 21
D-10435 Berlin
Telefon +49 175 5212598
Mail jo.hentschel at t-online.de

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"I was twenty-five and too old to be unusual."    James Watson, The Double
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