[Brmlab] laser scanner for the Brmlab?

Jamison Young jam at iamjam.net
Mon Nov 4 18:17:54 CET 2013

And I must say I completely understand Sargon regarding this issue,
tables closest to the socroom (incl. device used to manufacture PCBs)
are unusable for any work for almost all the time, which is really PITA
when there are more than 4-5 people in HW lab wanting to work on something.

You might completely understand why the 2 week old project best be put in
the trash, yet the people that created it, found it a little offensive. As
i said, enough said.

also.. just to write again.
 so far we have. Wooden construction built to spec
from plan. 2 lasers, a camera, turntable.. all on instruction of the Ax.  I
also have 4 x-box's, yet i'm told that they are of no-use for creating data
for any decent models. "Any input from the list on how to make this is
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