[Brmlab] laser scanner for the Brmlab?

Jamison Young jam at iamjam.net
Mon Nov 4 15:25:13 CET 2013

Projects lyong on desk should be marked or at least announced on mailing
list " Hey friends we are making with Ax cool 3d scanner from garbage parts
... it will be situated near ... bla bla bla "

Its a good idea to write to the mailing list that your considering to trash
something prior though. I know Mario is kind of upset about it. anyway,
enough said.

also.. just to write again.
 so far we have. Wooden construction built to spec
from plan. 2 lasers, a camera, turntable.. all on instruction of the Ax.  I
also have 4 x-box's, yet i'm told that they are of no-use for creating data
for any decent models. "Any input from the list on how to make this is
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