[Brmlab] laser scanner for the Brmlab?

Jamison Young jam at iamjam.net
Sun Nov 3 22:18:54 CET 2013

Turtable and wooden construction was lying on desk for fiew days/week.
It was situated near photo desk and this saturday i want to develop some
PCB's so this not marked things was put in output buffer as unmarked things
should be handled

Shall mark the project. so far we have. Wooden construction built to spec
from plan. 2 lasers, a camera, turntable.. all on instruction of the Ax.  I
also have 4 x-box's, yet i'm told that they are of no-use for creating data
for any decent models. Any input from the list on how to make this is
appreciated. PCB's could be made in the high voltage room?
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