[Brmlab] MakerSlide for East Europe from MakerSpaceClub

office at makerspaceclub.com office at makerspaceclub.com
Fri Mar 22 12:30:52 CET 2013


My name is Lawrance and i’m the founder of MakerSpaceClub Romania.We 
are a young Club at the beginning of the road and  like any club that is 
at the starting point, we have had the need to put in our space all the 
equipment and machines that we could find.One of the first investments 
was the eShapeoko Hobby CNC, a very cheap, reliable and good quality 
machine  that we can use to build our self the rest we need for the 
MakerSpaceClub, like a 3D printer, laser cutter, camera slider rig, pick 
and place machine and the rest of what we can think about.

eShapeoko is the European version of the, now famous in USA, 
Shapeoko(www.shapeoko.com), that is made with 

The problem is that MakerSlide and the Accessories(the basic materials 
to build all this machines) are quit expensive for us to buy them from 
USA or UK, because of the shipping and dutty  taxes.So we have decided 
that we should start a campaign on Indiegogo to raise the funds to make 
a new die for MakerSlide in East Europe.Like this we can make the rail 
and accessories more available for makers and Open Source enthusiasts.
For this reason i come to announce you about the campaign that is 
taking place on Indiegogo for a new die for Makerslide in East Europe.I 
have put some interesting perks for you, so please check them out.Like 
this you don’t only buy a great aluminium V-rail system at a very good 
price, but you also help a new HackerSpace that is at the starting 

I hope that you will appreciate this initiative and you will back this 
project or at least you could make us very happy by  helping  us to  
spread the word to anybody that you could think that are interested in 
this project.

A portion of the sale will go to Bart Dring, the creator of MakerSlide.

Thank you,
Boghiu Laurentiu

office at makerspaceclub.com

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