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Dear Friends,

Still spaces left for your talk, projects and workshops!

Join us on BalCCon - Balkan Computers Congress meet up of the 
international hacker community in organization of LUGoNS – Linux Users 
Group of Novi Sad, in hope of becoming a traditional annual event. It 
features talks covering both technical and social aspects of our digital 

The program consist of numerous presentations, workshops and lectures 
about information, privacy, technology, programming,  the world of 
hackerspaces,free software even considering socio-political issues. One 
part of the congress will be dedicated to hacking, project and hacks.

As a community-organized conference, we want to offer you the best 
lectures you can get. For this, we need your talk submissions — we’re 
offering one-hour slots (including Q&A), and your talk will be recorded 
and put online after the conference. Unless you opt out, of course.


Dates and Deadlines:

July 1st, 2013 (23:59 UTC): Submission deadline
July 15th, 2013: Final notification of acceptance
September 6th – 7th, 2013: BalCCon Computer Congress

Updated information are covered by the balccon.org or via Twitter 

We’d love to see you in September in Novi Sad!

Best regards,

Milos Krasojevic
orga team

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