[Brmlab] DSO Nano v2 - osciloskop do kapsy

George Blackhead blackhead at blackhead.cz
Thu Jan 24 21:28:08 CET 2013

Hi Carlos


Can you please let me download that binary file (any "sample" binary file)
created with this tool? Maybe I can it describe its format for you... ;-)






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Yes, It is. Have you being able to save, view or interpret the waverforms
through the SD? It needed to be formatted in a particular way and finally I
just got a binary file and without the knowledge to interpret it. It will be
so cool to be able to plot the waveform in GNUPlot or something.




2013/1/24 Jan Schermer <zviratko at zviratko.net>

mozna to vsichni znate, ja na to narazil nahodou a libi se mi to :) na
vetsinu veci co jsem kdy potreboval by tohle stacilo bohate.







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