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nehodilo by se tohle nahodou v brmlabu? :)

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win an eyetracker!
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Přeposílám informaci o zajímavé soutěži - napište si software pro
eyetracker a vyhrajte jeden!

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Subject: [visionlist] ECEM 2013 Student competition - win an eyetracker!
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 Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that ECEM 2013 will include a student
competition sponsored by SensoMotoric Instruments
to develop software for eye tracking and eye movements research.
Applications may be for entertainment, communication, faster or better
human computer interaction, analysis and visualisation of eye movements,
event detection or any novel application that uses eye movement data as an
input. The prize for this competition is an SMI RED-m eye
a remote binocular eye tracker with a sampling rate of 120Hz. SMI will
support the first 50 competitors to register before the end of February
2013 with a loan of a RED-m system, completely free of charge, to develop
their software, from March until the competition closes.

You can register for the competition
Software can be developed and assessed on any eye tracker, but should be
portable to a suitable SMI system for demonstration purposes. There will be
manufacturer support for porting.

 More details available here:

 Please let any colleagues who might be interested know!

 Thanks and best wishes,

 Fiona & The Lund ECEM 2013 Organisational Team
Fiona B. Mulvey, PhD
Humanities Laboratory
Lund University
EMRA Chair
ECEM 2013 Organiser
fiona.mulvey at humlab.lu.se

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