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Let me clarify it 2you:
- after re-counting of money and goods, it was found, that money and
goods are missing, and in relatively lot ammounts
- at the moment, there is possibility to be "outsider, or non-member"
just to walk in and take whatever from bar, money, goods and there is no
way how to control that
- originally it was trust system : normal is not to steal, but it seems
it does not work
- now, as far as I understand, there are few things, people are talking
about, what we can do against this

--- close door and put there sign: "do not enter without BRM member"
[1st step agreed yesterday]
--- lock the door, and members will be able to unlock it, so if some
non-member want to buy something, it is necessary to ask some member
[2nd step agreed yesterday] - btw. as far as I remember, it was agreed,
that door will not be locked but just make noise, when not unlocked by
member card

--- other idea is to : get some one way pay model - box, where you can
put money in, but cannot take it out - this have con, that you can still
steal goods and must have exact amount of money
--- use videocamera : relatively lot of people do not agree, but idea to
mount camera just to stare to cash box and goods seems to be functional.
only problem could be, that it costs money, which is not something, we
can afford now, as far as I understand. me personally still have problem
with idea, who want to look on boring video in case of some problem, but
lets say, it is not prob at all

~ Over

Dne 21.8.2013 13:39, Jamison Young napsal(a):
> I'm reading all these comments about the bar through translation. So
> maybe I have it wrong. To me it seems that the situation your in, is
> caused by the lab just wanting the situation to stay as it is. How
> many club mate bottle have been drunk since the lab opened, multiply
> that by 7 crowns a bottle. Why not ask the distributor how many he has
> delivered? Now you also get an extra crown per bottle. Where are all
> the projects created from the brmbar?  it might just be that all the
> profit has been drunk and eaten over time... Its only really in the
> last months that you have started to have some sort of accounting
> system that functions. I also don't really understand why you have a
> system where people can bring their own product they buy into the
> lab...you have enough people that use the space to get distributors to
> bring product. i don't understand why people need to credit their
> account, why not just pay in cash as you buy the products. So much
> complexity is only going to create creative accounting. best run the
> bar like a business, and work out how to manage the situation with an
> accountant.  growing pains that need to be solved..I tried to bring
> product into the space, and it had to be brought to the attention of
> every member... 
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