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Jamison Young jam at iamjam.net
Wed Aug 21 13:39:29 CEST 2013

I'm reading all these comments about the bar through translation. So maybe
I have it wrong. To me it seems that the situation your in, is caused by
the lab just wanting the situation to stay as it is. How many club mate
bottle have been drunk since the lab opened, multiply that by 7 crowns a
bottle. Why not ask the distributor how many he has delivered? Now you also
get an extra crown per bottle. Where are all the projects created from the
brmbar?  it might just be that all the profit has been drunk and eaten over
time... Its only really in the last months that you have started to have
some sort of accounting system that functions. I also don't really
understand why you have a system where people can bring their own product
they buy into the lab...you have enough people that use the space to get
distributors to bring product. i don't understand why people need to credit
their account, why not just pay in cash as you buy the products. So much
complexity is only going to create creative accounting. best run the bar
like a business, and work out how to manage the situation with an
accountant.  growing pains that need to be solved..I tried to bring product
into the space, and it had to be brought to the attention of every
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