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Wed Apr 24 03:21:06 CEST 2013

We are planning a workshop in Kathmandu end of October - November on
various open source hardware challenges related to rural Nepal, DIYbio,
energy &  sustainability issues... Typical is this one: how to support
with electronics -  micro and cottage industries in Nepal. There are some
very cool and very useful machines that if hacked properly would make a big
difference... they are talking about things machines to turn fibers into
twine and such.

Maybe we should plan some small delegation from Prague?
If anyone wants to come, send us an e-mail....

In the meantime maybe someone has an answer: a team from Karkhana won the
Kathmandu edition of the NASA Space App challenge (
http://spaceappschallenge.org/challenge/lego-rovers/ challenge and built a
arduino based bot that allows for real time adjustment of automation rules
(through a c# front end).

QUESTION: For the arduino gurus on this list. One BIG challenge that we
could not tackle during the 48 hours (but want to do now), is allow for
multisensor rules. For e.g. right now you can say "If obstacle is less than
20 cm then go left, then go forward for 10 sec and stop" but we want to be
able to permit chained rules e.g. "if obstacle is less than  20 cm AND you
are on a black surface then go left". We have a pretty good rule execution
engine could be modified to handle chaining... what we don't have a good
data structure to store multiple rules on... so if you have any ideas of
approaches we should explore, drop me a line  - Sakar
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