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Progressbar is on my list, although I cannot possibly say yet when I
will make it. Central and Eastern Europe is very interesting to visit
indeed, and I hope I can find more local contacts like you because
without that, it would be very hard to make connections!

I will contact you again when I know about the schedule better, and
please if you can distribute my "request for participation" among
Central/Eastern Europe groups that would be excellent. I will likely
need the help of locals also to do interviews in your local languages,
probably easier for everyone.


On 11.03.2012 15:21, Pavol Lupták wrote:
> Hi,
> If you plan to visit to Central Europe, just let me know. We have a
> great hackerspace in Bratislava http://www.progressbar.sk.
> Pavol
> Moritz Bartl <moritz at torservers.net> wrote:
>     Hi Libtechs,
>     I was asked to keep this list updated every once in a while, and I am
>     happy to do so. Libtech readers are amongst the most important people I
>     want to reach out to. Are you a researcher working on liberation
>     technology in Europe? Human rights activist? Journalist focussing on
>     privacy? I would very much like to meet and chat with you!
>     Please also fill me in about related conferences and other events taking
>     place in Europe.
>     http://www.hackerbus.eu/blog/2012/03/11/first-tour-dates-switzerland-france-spain-portugal.html
>     I am excited to finally announce the beginning of my tour! As a
>     reminder, the Hackerbus serves as a “framework” for documenting modern
>     forms of living and working: It carries profes
>      sional
>     equipment for high
>     quality movie making, taking pictures, recording interviews – whatever
>     you and me make out of it! There is no way for me to do this alone, and
>     it is unlikely to find someone to tour with me the whole year. While I
>     do have some ideas about what to visit, I don’t want to constrain this
>     tour too much, to be open for all kinds of suggestions and detours. I
>     hope you understand that for this reason I can only give you a very
>     rough schedule. Please contact me if you know people and places I should
>     come visit!
>     * from March 18th, 2012: Switzerland
>     * April 2012: Southern France, Spain
>     * May 2012: Portugal, Northern France
>     Some of the equipment:
>     * Panasonic Lumix GH2 with 14-42mm and 20mm lenses
>     * Rode NTG-2 shotgun microphone
>     * Zoom H4N audio recorder
>     * >10 TB storage
>     * last not least: a van with several spare seats and a bed
>     etc.
>     What do you 
>      get
>     from inviting me? Many of you know me as the founder of
>     Torservers.net <http://Torservers.net>. Apart from the obvious offer to get your message out on
>     video, I am very interested to talk about communication security (proper
>     use of PGP, Tor etc), apocalyptical thinking as philosophical
>     discipline, and community building.
>     In preparation I was not as organized as I could have been, but hey –
>     we’re all in it for the fun! ;-) Please don’t be mad at me if you have
>     already contacted me and never heard back. Ping me again!
>     Stay tuned for more updates soon. Now is a good time to add the RSS feed
>     to your reader and follow me on Twitter.
>     http://www.hackerbus.eu/feed
>     http://www.twitter.com/hackerbus
>     -- 
>     Moritz Bartl
>     @gamamb
>     http://www.hackerbus.eu/
>     https://www.torservers.net/
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Moritz Bartl

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