[Brmlab] ohai from vienna

Florian Bittner f at gebenedeit.at
Sun Mar 4 19:50:56 CET 2012

hey guys,
my name is florian 'overflo' bittner, i am a founding member of the
metalab in vienna.

i was in the progressbar in bratislava this weekend and hold a workshop
there on their 1 year birthday party.
we built solarroboflowers and i was introducing my latest proejct and gave
an overview of the last year @metalab.

this was so fun that i wanted to know if i could visit you in a couple of
weeks and have a workshop at your place?

please check out: 

so long

ps: brmlab.cz seems to be down :(  good luck!  
pps: if you need datarecovery attingo.com might help, they are very good
at the job and run be the head of CCC ;)

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