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Pavol Luptak wilder at trip.sk
Mon Feb 27 15:27:02 CET 2012

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 01:03:30PM +0100, Rado1 wrote:
> Ma nejaky sifrovaci tool takuto ficuru?
> Budem mat skryty sifrovany volume.
> Budem mat neschovany sifrovany disk - volavku - s nevinnymi datami.
> Pri policajnej razii budem nuteny vydat heslo k sifrovanemu disku, ktory objavia.
> Pri rozsifrovani tohoto disku sa zaroven poskodi ten skryty sifrovany volume...

Toto sa ti pri pouziti hidden volumeov obvykle aj stane (teda truecrypt nijako
nezabranuje, ze sa ti tie volumey nemozu prepisovat navzajom - teda mozu):


Use TrueCrypt’s Volume Creating Wizard to create a new hidden(!) TrueCrypt volume.

    Use the name of the final hybrid file as the container file name, e.g. InnocentLookingVideo.mp4.
    As the outer volume size, enter the estimated maximum enlargment from step 1.
    Don’t bother entering a good password for the outer volume, it will be destroyed anyway.
    Use the maximum possible size for the hidden volume. Enter the size in KB instead of MB and do a bit of number guessing – the »Next« button in the wizard is disabled when the size is too large. Find the maximum size where the button is still clickable. (Technically, you could enter lower values, but why should you? Every byte left to the outer volume is a wasted byte!)
    Use your real ultra-secret password or keyfile for the hidden volume.
    Do not mount the outer volume! You will likely destroy the hidden volume otherwise.
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