[Brmlab] prof. Warwick - 18.12 9:00, Karlovo namesti

niekt0 niekt0 at hysteria.sk
Mon Dec 17 21:43:50 CET 2012

na poslednu chvilu, ale predsa:
Zajtra o 9:00 bude mat na Karlovom namesti prednasku Kevin Warwick,
vstup volny, kazdy kto ma zaujem je vitany.
Budova E, miestnost 112 (Vycichlova knihovna)

Prikladam paste z informacneho systemu




This course (presented in English) will investigate Artificial Intelligence
(AI) as it really is today. Some of the most recent advances and
developments in the field will be considered and put in the context of more
traditional AI methods. The course will include philosophical argument and
descriptions of practical experimentation - mathematics will be kept to an
absolute minimum.

Provisional Lectures:

1,2: What exactly is intelligence in humans, animals and machines?

3: Classical AI - particularly Expert Systems and Fuzzy Logic.

4: New philosophy part 1

5: New Philosophy part 2

6: Turing Update - can machines communicate like a human?

7: AI in robots - where does it stand?

8: Growing brains - Biological AI - technical aspects

9: Philosophical aspects of growing brains

10: AI - The future?

It is as well possible not to register for this course at all and still
attend individual lectures that you'd be interested in.

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