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Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 20:50:39 CET 2012

It is an interesting time of year! I am also looking for a place to stay,
but at a different time. I have been invited to speak at CCC and was hoping
to see Prague and your hackerspace before then. Come see my talk if you
make it to CCC on privacy in next-generation cars:
https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/Fahrplan/events/5095.en.html Also, I
would love to have someone help me practice my talk.

I will be traveling alone and hope to meet people who can help show me the
best of Prague. I plan to spend 20-24 Dec in Prague. Hopefully, that will
be enough time to see the best of things.


"Privacy is not a discrete commodity, possessed absolutely or not at all."
Justice Marshall, Smith v. Maryland dissent

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 5:53 AM, Sven Guckes <maillist-brmlab at guckes.net>wrote:

> hello, brmlab!
> this is a call for help..
> i'm currently in bratislava with Mitch Altman
> where Mitch will give his workshop tonight.
> on friday, dec14, we will move on to
> prague; Mitch will be giving another
> workshop at brmlab on sunday.
> Mitch has a place to stay - but i am still looking for one.
> a mutual friend from the hackerspace noisebridge,
> Iski, is also looking for a place to stay.
> would anyone adopt one or two geeks? ^^
> by the way, if anyone has questions about some
> texttools like mutt, screen, vim, zsh - do ask!
> if there is any interest then i can also give
> you a talk about those small commands in vim:
> http://www.guckes.net/vimberlin/small_commands.txt
> questions welcome! :)
> oh.. does anyone know when Mitch's workshop
> shall take place at brmlab?  without a time
> it is kinda hard to make announcements. ;-)
> greetings from progressbar/bratislava
> Sven
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> Dec14-18 Fri-Tue Prague     Dec16 Sun 15-18
> Dec18-20 Tue-Thu Dresden    Dec19 Wed ??-??
> Dec20-25 Thu-Tue Berlin     Dec23 Sun 15-20
> Dec25-29 Tue-Sat Hamburg    Dec25-28  @29C3
> Dec29-03 Sat-Thu Berlin     Dec30 Sun 14-18
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