[Brmlab] adopt-a-geek

Sven Guckes maillist-brmlab at guckes.net
Wed Dec 12 14:53:33 CET 2012

hello, brmlab!

this is a call for help..

i'm currently in bratislava with Mitch Altman
where Mitch will give his workshop tonight.
on friday, dec14, we will move on to
prague; Mitch will be giving another
workshop at brmlab on sunday.

Mitch has a place to stay - but i am still looking for one.
a mutual friend from the hackerspace noisebridge,
Iski, is also looking for a place to stay.

would anyone adopt one or two geeks? ^^

by the way, if anyone has questions about some
texttools like mutt, screen, vim, zsh - do ask!
if there is any interest then i can also give
you a talk about those small commands in vim:
questions welcome! :)

oh.. does anyone know when Mitch's workshop
shall take place at brmlab?  without a time
it is kinda hard to make announcements. ;-)

greetings from progressbar/bratislava

DecMM-NN day-day City       Workshop
Dec07-11 Fri-Tue Vienna     Dec09 Sun 15-18
Dec11-14 Tue-Fri Bratislava Dec12 Wed 19-23
Dec14-18 Fri-Tue Prague     Dec16 Sun 15-18
Dec18-20 Tue-Thu Dresden    Dec19 Wed ??-??
Dec20-25 Thu-Tue Berlin     Dec23 Sun 15-20
Dec25-29 Tue-Sat Hamburg    Dec25-28  @29C3
Dec29-03 Sat-Thu Berlin     Dec30 Sun 14-18

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