[Brmlab] no sugar drinks in Brmbar

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Mon Aug 6 18:39:53 CEST 2012


On Fri, Aug 03, 2012 at 04:38:39PM +0200, Jamison Young wrote:
> I just canceled an order for 5 cases of mineral water, that i brought into
> the lab. Cost to the lab for the 100 drinks would be 800 crowns. Sale price
> 10 crowns each.
> The problem with this order "i'm told" is that its not possible for the lab
> to take responsibility for the rebate for the containers and bottles. The
> plastic cases that the bottles are deliverd in cost 50 crowns each (5 of
> them) and the the rebate on each bottle is 3 crowns.
> The place the bottles would be returned to is the Divus cafe. I was told by
> Divus that i was given the drinks at the cost price. That seemed like a
> good idea? and having some drinks not loaded with sugar, is it a good idea?

  I think having drinks not loaded with sugar is definitely a good idea.

  As far as I have heard, the problem here is with the passive tense you
use "the bottles would be returned" - who would take care of that?
If for whatever reason, noone does, we are making a loss, and that's
no good.

> for the future though::: I would like to know.
> what is the minimum that i can buy for the Brmbar?

  The minimum is 1 piece of something. :) Maybe two?

  For the maximum, use common sense regarding to space available, funds
available, and whether this is an experiment or something that's always
been popular.

> what is the approval process for putting something in the bar?

  We don't have any real process in place. :-) So far, it worked out
well informally.

> who is that man that approves buy orders

  Community. For small orders, use common sense. Otherwise or if in
doubt, ask on a meetup or here.

> what is happening at the moment with empty bottles in the lab that carry a
> rebate in the Czech republic?

  Nothing, AFAIK. Their sell price is including the rebate. In part,
this is because glass bottles except club mate are very rare in brmbar,
we had those only a couple of times. If thanks to someone, we manage to
return some bottles, the profit goes to brmbar.

> what is happening with the 7 crowns made on each club mate bottle.

  They get gathered in the cashbox and are used for small brmlab
expenses (ducttapes, paper, etc.).

> why are so many bottles being thrown in the glass bin of club mate, when i
> can get 3 Euro's per case in Germany.
> I have around 160 cases at the moment..

  I thought that the bottles are mainly gathered at the front of the
room and moved to the basements to be devoured by the night. If someone
also throws them out, perhaps it's because too many are there and that
someone was cleaning up and not knowing where to carry them. Or why,
for that matter, since as you say, you already have around 160 cases
and we don't see any clear plan to ever convert them to money so far.

> I know that Brmbar is not supposed to make a profit, yet i'm making a
> profit from it!

  Brmbar is supposed to make profit for brmlab's sake.


				Petr "Pasky" Baudis

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