[Brmlab] 4 questions on tDCS - for the French leading sci. pop. magazine Science & Vie

Francois Lassagne flassagne at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 21 18:36:28 CEST 2011


I am a science writer, working for the first science popularization 
magazine in France: Science & Vie (paid circulation: 300 000).

I am investigating a quite exciting topic : cognitive enhancement by 
tDCS. It should be the cover story of a coming issue of Science & Vie.

I don't want to write a review or a "state of the art" paper, but rather 
I'd like to address the fact that tDCS is a fairly easy and cheap 
technique, and thus it could be appealing to a lot of people. After all, 
this technique promises to help to enhance some of important cognitive 
skills.: there are a few studies indeed which show that short sessions 
of tDCS can improve working memory, the ability to detect concealed 
details in a scene, mathematical abilities, ... (see attached).

So I thought that among the hackerspaces around the world, some of them 
might already be crafting projects relying on tDCS... And I stumbled 
upon the "Biofeedback, Brain Hacking" section on brmlab website.
I understand that you have already made a tDCS device.
I'd really like to learn more about this project.
Would you agree to answer the few following questions,it would be of 
great help.

1/ When did brmlab get interested in tDCS and why ? How many people are 
involved, and what skills do they have ?

2/ How did you design the tDCS device ? What kind of difficulties did 
you encounter ?

3/ Have you already done experiments with it ? If so, what sort of 
experiments ? Did they work ? What kind of risk did you have to take 
into account (electrical, physiological ...) ?

4/ What do you expect using tDCS ?

Thanking you in anticipation for your help,

   - Note that if you'd prefer to chat on IRC rather than write a reply, 
it's ok by me; just tell me when I should join the brmlab channel and 
what nickname to look for,

kind regards,

Francois Lassagne

Journaliste scientifique
/ Science Writer

+44 121 346 1321
+33 6 85 83 76 94
flassagne at btinternet.com

Skype: flassagne
MSN: flassagne at hotmail.fr
SIP (Ekiga, NetMeeting,QuTeCom...) :
flassagne at ekiga.net
twitter : flassagne


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