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rozhodnutie necham na vacsine/rade co by sa tam za brmlab malo/chceme
prezentovat, kazdopadne ak Vam pride nieco z toho co resim zaujimave (gsm,
simcards, mozno rfid?) tak tam kludne pojdem.


On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 11:10 PM, Petr Baudis <pasky at ucw.cz> wrote:

>  Mili BRMaci!
>  Co si o nize uvedenem napadu (vypravit se na Metaday - zrejme trochu
> obdoba nasich lightning talku, ale s predsunutou delsi hostovanou
> prednaskou) myslite? Mne to prijde jako super napad (a mohli bychom
> pozvani casem Metalabakum oplatit), jen nevim, jestli se tak rychle
> je schopne utrhnout smysluplne mnozstvi lidi, abychom zvladli brmlab
> pekne predstavit - tak se ozvete, kdo byste chteli do Vidne bud 7.10.
> nebo zacatkem prosince.
>  Discuss!
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> Dear brmlab,
> I'm not aware that we've talked at Finowfurt (which is a pity)
> but I met some of you earlier this year at the Progressbar opening.
> Would you like to to hold the Metaday main talk on the evening of
> Friday Okt. 7th presenting your space and some of your projects
> (electronics, biolab, whatever,..)
> This is our monthly event for a broader audience - though technical
> understanding can be assumed.
> cf. http://metalab.at/wiki/Veranstaltungsarchiv#Metadays ff.
> We invite cool experts on mixed interesting topics, journalists,
> – and the neighbouring hackerspace community, e.g.
> - https://metalab.at/wiki/Metaday_8  Viktor from nextlab.hu
> - https://metalab.at/wiki/Metaday_17 the Bratislava connection
> - https://metalab.at/wiki/Metaday_31 stef from H.A.C.K.
> Unfortunately we can't offer an appropriate fee but EUR 100,-
> for some travel expenses compensation – and it should be
> possible to find a sleeping place for the weekend at the home
> of one of our couchsurfers at Metalab.
> If you like to but can't make it on Oct. 7 we could talk about a
> December date too.
> you can always jabber me at pk at jabber.metalab.at or
> pk at jabber.hackerspaces.org
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