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  Mili BRMaci!

  Co si o nize uvedenem napadu (vypravit se na Metaday - zrejme trochu
obdoba nasich lightning talku, ale s predsunutou delsi hostovanou
prednaskou) myslite? Mne to prijde jako super napad (a mohli bychom
pozvani casem Metalabakum oplatit), jen nevim, jestli se tak rychle
je schopne utrhnout smysluplne mnozstvi lidi, abychom zvladli brmlab
pekne predstavit - tak se ozvete, kdo byste chteli do Vidne bud 7.10.
nebo zacatkem prosince.


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Dear brmlab,

I'm not aware that we've talked at Finowfurt (which is a pity)
but I met some of you earlier this year at the Progressbar opening.

Would you like to to hold the Metaday main talk on the evening of
Friday Okt. 7th presenting your space and some of your projects
(electronics, biolab, whatever,..)

This is our monthly event for a broader audience - though technical
understanding can be assumed.

cf. http://metalab.at/wiki/Veranstaltungsarchiv#Metadays ff.

We invite cool experts on mixed interesting topics, journalists,
– and the neighbouring hackerspace community, e.g.
- https://metalab.at/wiki/Metaday_8  Viktor from nextlab.hu
- https://metalab.at/wiki/Metaday_17 the Bratislava connection
- https://metalab.at/wiki/Metaday_31 stef from H.A.C.K.

Unfortunately we can't offer an appropriate fee but EUR 100,-
for some travel expenses compensation – and it should be
possible to find a sleeping place for the weekend at the home
of one of our couchsurfers at Metalab.

If you like to but can't make it on Oct. 7 we could talk about a
December date too.

you can always jabber me at pk at jabber.metalab.at or
pk at jabber.hackerspaces.org

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