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Pavel Ruzicka ruza at ruza.eu
Thu Sep 15 14:54:16 CEST 2011

Organising evening event in brmlab space at 29.9. is possible. Just want
let you know that part of brmlab crew is attending whole day event at
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
http://brmlab.cz/event/jeden_den_s_informatikou that day.


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Subject: RE: CO2 hacking koncem zari?

Pavel, this is the proposal for brmlab.cz, I would like to run this
workshop in English & Czech with Jerome & New Media Studies students &
hope some people that like to have fun with data!
Ideal would be 29 afternoon evening.

Hacking CO2 data & food: private carbon offsetting  and a next
generation of "guilt interfaces"

How to use CO2 data and connect our daily activities to the CO2 markets?
We would like to do a workshop on creative projects & prototypes that
are using some private & collective carbon offsetting strategies
Short intro into CO2 data & why you need to make friends with  carbon
Trading platforms, national registries, available, raw and real time
data, quantified emissions.
Projects will discuss:
Carbon trading project for limiting obesity in the south pacific
Public Smog http://www.publicsmog.org/
Egger's article in Obesity review
Carbon quilthttp://carbonquilt.org/
Carbon Disclosure Project

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No moc zatim nevim co si pod tim konkretne predstavit, ale urcite tu
moznost je. Nejlepsi pro kratkou prezentaci napadu a nadchnuti lidi pro
je uterni meetup a diky svatku si dovolim predpokladat ze lidi budou v
brmlabu i ve stredu pres den.

Davam Cc i na mailing list, treba to nekoho zaujme uz ted.


On 09/12/2011 02:43 PM, Denisa Kera wrote:
> Pavlove,
> jedu zas do CR na par dni, asi tam budu 26 nebo 27 coz je blbe, protoze
> je to pred svatkem... no nic, kdyby se nahodou to povedlo, napadl me
> takovy legracni workshop. Budu pomahat chlapkovi, co dela vyzku, jak
> funguji CO2 market a proste ksefty s CO2 daty, napadlo me, ze bychom
> mohli udelat nejaky CO2 workshop a navrhnout kreativni aplikace nebo
> napady, co delat s CO2 daty - jsou to totiz moderni odpustky, jakesi
> guilt interfaces, pripravim podklady a ze bychom na pul dne se zavreli v
> Brmlabu a neco vykutili? Treba to pak muzem nabidnout Klausovi, rada
> bych vydela neco vtipnyho, tak urcite jedobre byt vic skromenj atd. ale
> CO2 business JE business tak proc nevymyslet in eco, co by melo
> potencial... prodavat vzduch ;-)
> Bavilo by to vubec nekoho?
> Denisa

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