[Brmlab] Fwd: Mediathon, a hackathon for journalists and developers

Pavol Rusnak stick at gk2.sk
Tue Oct 11 18:17:39 CEST 2011


Ozval sa mi Jakub, ktory organizuje hackathon tykajuci sa medii,
zurnalizmu a hackovania. Ak by ste mali zaujem sa zucastnit, ozvite sa
mne, pripadne priamo jemu. Takisto ma k dispozicii volne listky na ich
konferenciu (vid email). Pokusim sa z neho dostat nejake dalsie info a
preposlat sem, ak sa podari.

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Subject: Mediathon, a hackathon for journalists and developers
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 18:06:22 +0200
From: Jakub Górnicki <jakub.gornicki at sourcefabric.org>
To: stick at gk2.sk

Hey Pavol,

I was referred to you by Michal Skop from KohoVolit. I hear you are somehow
the right person to contact regarding hackerspace in Prague.

I work in Sourcefabric - open source media producer for professional
journalists (www.sourcefabric,org) based in Prague.
On October 22/23 we are organising small hackathon dedicated to media,
journalists and of course developers. check this topic:

I am looking for developers and bloggers who would be interested in taking
part in it. The whole event will be held in Hotel Praha -as on a day before
we have this conference (http://conference.sourcefabric.org) - by the way if
you know some students I have like 5 tickets to give out, or maybe some
people from your space.

Do you think you could help me out? Would you have anything against if I
would mail people from this section: http://brmlab.cz/user/start

Anyhow - it would be nice to meet - do you think you would have time next


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