[Brmlab] cheaper club matej for Brmlab 19 crowns per bottle:)

Pavol Rusnak stick at gk2.sk
Mon Nov 14 14:00:07 CET 2011

On 11/14/2011 01:51 PM, Jamison Young wrote:
> The importer of club matej for Czech republic sent me the email bellow,
> this looks like a good deal for the lab. He is offering us 19 crowns per
> bottle of club matej filled, if we pick it up from Germany, we would pay
> him direct for a pallet. I could store this pallet downstairs.
> Also for each bottle that i take back i would get a good price....

Hi Jam!

This is not as good offer as it seems. Club Mate is for 0.70 EUR (around 
17.50CZK) in Germany, so if we drive to Germany, we don't have to deal 
with the distributor guy at all. The only reason why we pay the extra 
price right now is that we found noone willing to drive to Germany and 
back on regular basis :-)

PS: Next time, please just use our mailinglist brmlab at brmlab.cz, thanks

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

Pavol Rusnak <stick at gk2.sk>

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