[Brmlab] cheaper club matej for Brmlab 19 crowns per bottle:)

Jamison Young jam at iamjam.net
Mon Nov 14 13:51:58 CET 2011

Hi Guys,

Please read email bellow..

The importer of club matej for Czech republic sent me the email bellow,
this looks like a good deal for the lab. He is offering us 19 crowns per
bottle of club matej filled, if we pick it up from Germany, we would pay
him direct for a pallet. I could store this pallet downstairs.

Also for each bottle that i take back i would get a good price....

What do you guys think? Does anyone feel like going for a drive? does
anyone have a Van, we have quite lot of bottles downstairs now.. excuse not
using the mailing list..:) so far storing the bottles in the lab has cost
me nothing..as Orco have not charged me any rent...yet!

ahoj, jam

Hello Jam,

my name is Richard. I am  importer of Club Mate for Czech rep.

We found the way how to manage your request about refilling the empty
bottles together with the producer of Mate in Germany.

The plan would be as you suggest in the email bellow. You could store the
empty bottles in your place and once you would like to refill it, you would
order some pallets of Club Mate from me.

As soon as you would pay and goods would be ready for transport, you could
drive to Germany with empty bottles and get your order.

My price offer is 19 czk without vat/dph per 0.5l bottle for the case, that
you would return same amount of empty bottles as you would take.

If you would be interested, we can either meet in Prague and discuss the
details or continue in email correspondence.

Thank you and looking forward to your answer.

Best Regards

Richard Choleva

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# Von: Jamison Young [mailto:jam at iamjam.net]
# Gesendet: Donnerstag, 8. September 2011 18:46
# An: info at club-mate.de
# Betreff: bottles from Prague
# Hi Club Mate,
# I'm connected with a hackers space here in Prague, that drinks a lot of
# drinks.
# Up until now all your bottles have been going in the rubbish, we have now
# a space to store your bottles. We thought once every 3 months we would
come to
# Germany in a van, bring you your bottles back, get a refund and then
bring a
# load of full bottles back.
# I would like to know what price you would pay for each bottle we return,
# secondly how much we would pay per bottle, on the return trip, for a bulk
# regards, Jam
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