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Tomislav Arnaudov sargonout at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 07:28:51 CET 2011

Personally I think that two similar projects is not bad idea
because we have many goals which can be achieved
simplicity , final prize and of course how project will be presented ...

happy hacking
Brmlab Hackerspace Prague

2011/3/25 Ricky <rngadam at gmail.com>

> Oh noees!
> I joined after you guys, posted in our blog the same idea as yours
> (EDUBUZZER; https://metalab.at/wiki/HSC2011 )!
> http://www.element-14.com/community/groups/xinchejian-gghc/blog/2011/03/25/xinchejian-gghc-project-idea-1-educational-clicker
> (although believe me, we actually came up with the idea two days ago
> and I have the email headers to prove it)
> Argh, now we have to find something else!
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