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Dear All!
I'm sending my first official newsletter. I hope that you are going to enjoy it. 
If you would like to stay in touch, please check my web pages from time to time 
and send a line, it would be nice. 

I would like to thank a lot for your support. I've been able to collect more 
than $1500 since the beginning of December allowing me to do what I believe I 
should do and I look for “my way” of doing that. I'm finding the promotion of 
probiotic beverages and foods very interesting and I want seriously continue 
with it. 

My next big target is to tour the Europe (I'm in the middle of it) and go for 
Japan (end of April).

For more info please check my web pages


especially my newsletter


I'm now on a food hacking tour around Europe so it may take me some time to 
respond, so please be patient with me.


I wish you all the best,




Zdravim ve spolek,
Timto rozesilam svuj prvni oficialni “newsletter”, ktery si doufam uzijete. 
Pokud budete chtit zustat v kontaktu, prosim podivejte se cas od casu na me 
webove stranky a sem tam napiste, pokusim se zahy odpovedet.

Moc rad bych podekoval za vasi podporu. Od zacatku prosince se mi podarilo 
vybrat cca 27 000 Kc, coz mi umoznilo delat to co verim, ze bych mel a hledat 
cestu, ktera mi vyhovuje. Vyroba a distribuce probiotickych napoju a potravin me 
opravdu zaujala a rad bych se ji nadale profesionalne venoval. 

Neblizsimi cily je tura kolem Evropy (na ktere jiz jsem, zitra vyrazim do 
Berlina) a dlouhoocekavana cesta do Japonska na konci dubna.

Pro dalsi info se prosim podivejte na me webove stranky


newsletter je zatim pouze v anglictine, pokusim se to brzy napravit


informace o ture kolem Evropy jsou v anglictine zde


a jako bombonek pro prave cesky mluvici pridavam novy dopis z cest


Mejte se vsichni skvele,

S pozdravem,

Frantisek Apfelbeck

PS I've copied the newsletter without the functional links just below.
PS Zde je kopie newsletteru bez funkcnich linek.

Greetings to All!

This is the first official newsletter which I'm sending to the people who fallow 
my activities, my life journey. I'm going to do this since now on on a regular 
basis once per quarter of the year.

Now lets start with a bit of retrospective. What happened in the last two years 
and why you do not know too much about it. The second first, well I was not 
systematic enough, short and simple. Now lets say the story.

Well first of all I've left fundamental research and my position at the 
department of Biochemistry at National University of Ireland, Galway at the end 
of 2008. Since than I've spend several months in Czech Republic in Ceske 
Budejovice and left for USA to enjoy some adventures! I've hitch hiked from 
Chicago by Interstate 90 in the direction of West coast and after few weeks I 
got to Vancouver which I liked very much. From there I've used the same mode of 
transport to get to Alaska through British Columbia and Yukon. I've spend a 
summer salmon fishing season in Cordova and Valdez sadly known as a place of one 
of the biggest oil spillage disasters in the history. However these months full 
of wonderful adventures spend in a pristine nature were just amazing, I'll 
always remembering these times and you will be able to get a glimpse of them in 
my photo gallery and letters from my travels. At the end of August I left for 
California stopping in Liard River Hot Springs which I've to recommend to 
everyone, crossing Washington and Oregon enjoying the wonderful sights of its 
costs, hitting California and it's Redwood Parks finally reaching "City of 
liberty" San Francisco.

In SF I've found Noisebridge first hackerspace which was the first hacker space 
where I've ever been in to. This community of people was amazing and I really 
liked the way how they live and work together. They helped me enormously with my 
project of Multimedia Center Build up at Cuba. I've left for Cuba at the end of 
October, and stayed until the mid of December and it was just amazing stay. 
Complicated but great, I loved the people in the Placetas, Matanzas and 
countryside in general and of course my friends in Habana.

I've left Cuba to travel hitch hiking around Central America starting with 
Yucatan, going to Belize, crossing to Guatemala where I've enjoyed a week of 
lovely pneumonia. I've walked by the Pacific Ocean to San Salvador, staying in 
the capital a bit and leaving on the New Years Eve to Honduras which mountains I 
liked very much. The final country which I've visited in the direction of South 
was Nicaragua where I've stayed for some three weeks visiting Managua where I've 
been robed by gang, Granada and San Juan del Sur which I liked very much. 
Unfortunately it is also starting to be more and more touristy loosing it's true 
spirit. During my stay in this town I've decided to come back to Chiapas 
especially to San Cristóbal de Las Casas and served there as a volunteer under 
Mexican non profit organization Nataté Voluntariado Internacional.

I've had a great time here, getting to know better the situation in the region 
and starting to have a closer ties with the local indigenous people through our 
volunteer projects like building houses, cooking, fermenting etc. I've stayed 
for four months leaving later on for Oaxaca, Zipolite which is an amazing 
Pacific nude beach, and hitch hiked by the coast towards USA through Acapulco, 
Lázaro Cárdenas, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Tepic etc. to Heroica Nogales, 
where I've crossed border to Arizona, USA.

I've managed with bit of troubles to cross the Central Valley where I got sun 
burn and I can say that it was probably the worst hitch hiking experience until 
now, basically no one would stop. However I got at the end a ride and joint by 
one cool guy and I hit finally San Francisco as it should be, hitch hiking and 
lightly stoned. I've entered Noisebridge and Three Stone Hearth Kitchen and 
began to enjoy my stay in the amazing atmosphere of the San Francisco Bay Area. 
I've been learning a lot as a apprentice and brewing master in Three Stone 
Hearths (TSH) enjoying their very progressive and unique business model and most 
of all amazing community. I've been also experimenting a lot at Noisebridge 
co-founding food hacking group called Tastebridge where we have had a brewing 
classes and cooking classes, we did a lots of experiments and also promoted our 
self on Underground markets which was really great opportunity to try in a fun 
way and with support of community what some would like to do for living. People 
therefore could learn how to produce their probiotic drinks, bottle them, label 
them and sell them, whole circle model for a minimum of expenses.

I've spend my time in San Francisco very actively, visiting also a course of 
Japanese at Soko Gakuen language school and enjoying my visited of Japan Town a 
lot, especially my favourite Japanese spa Kabuki Springs & Spa which I can 
recommend to everyone. Also my active involvement in nudism was great 
remembering visits of my friend Darius, enjoying the nudist dinners, my 
relaxation time at Baker Beach and certainly not forgetting my wonderful trip 
with Darius to visit his friends, very nice gay couple at Cobb Mountain and 
enjoying a short stay in a Harbin Hot Springs which I truly loved and I would 
like to recommend to everyone to visit!

The half year which I've spend in SF Bay Area was amazing but I can say that at 
the end I was ready to go. I've confirmed to myself that I'm not a city person 
and I will never be. It was important experience which has shown me many things 
through which I'll go later on. To finish this part of the story you could find 
me on 8th of December packed with the fly ticket in my hand to Narita, Japan. 
Well not having a newly required "transit visa" for Canada the trip did not 
happen in stead I had to come back to Europe. I've used this opportunity to join 
as a food hacker one of the biggest annual hacker conferences around the world 
at 27th Chaos Communication Congress where I've been actively promoting food 
hacking both by lightning talk, workshops and food preparation. I've returned 
home to relax a bit because I was still quite exhausted after the SF. Very soon 
I've started to work on a preparation of my [hacker tour|food hacking tour]] 
around Europe and Japan, starting at Progress Bar log of the event in Bratislava 
on a full moon of 18th of February. The next stop is Brmlab in Prague and after 
that hopefully Chaoskueste in Kiel and many others for more details please see 
the [Hacker tour 2011|hacker tour page]].

Now when we are up to date, what is next?

Well there are certainly many things which has to be done. The major tasks are 
now regular weekly updates of my activities on my news page and another one is 
the creation of the mailing list. I'm also starting to focus more on my 
finances, trying to fallow my financial plan for 2011, which I've set at least 
at $6000 and which I've still quite a way to finish.

However the major things which happen in the last year or two was the 
confirmation that the sustainable development (sd) as a field of interest is 
really suitable for me. The realization that food production and conservation 
with the use of fermentations is something what I really would like to do as my 
specialization was pivotal for me. It had a strong influence on my stay in 
Mexico learning with indigenous people their way of utilization of Indian corn, 
discovering the preparation of pineapple vinegar in Cuban countryside, learning 
a lot in a medium scale production facility of Three Stone Hearth Kitchen and of 
course preparing my stay in Japan.

I believe that this stay is going to be crucial for my future direction because 
the knowledge of probiotic foods in Japanese culture is one of the deepest on 
the world. I would like to study this art in Japan at least for a year. In the 
same time I've decided to work intensively on the improvement of my physical 
condition and my body posture especially, because it is absolutely crucial for 
my well being and I've deliberately omit it by a great deal for more than a 
decade. Anyone who would know some interesting life foods production facility in 
Japan and some lovely health spa, please let me know, I'm really ready for it!

If I make a small projection of years to come I would like to keep the course. 
Learning more about food and drink fermentations in rural indigenous areas, 
combining them with today's scientific knowledge and technology, food hacking is 
something what I feel is being very beneficial for me and the society. I would 
like to help to improve already existing businesses and their production 
processes hoping to obtain more experience, port folio and funds. This I would 
like to combine with presentation from my travels, workshops on probiotic foods 
and publications of "letters from my travels". If I summarise all this together 
I should be able to do what I want as I want and support myself. It may happen 
that I start my own business, cooperative or community some day when I settle 
down somewhere but I think it is still few years in the future because I want to 
keep moving and seeing new things for a bit more. Now there were recently some 
questions about my relations to girls, probably because of my close ties to many 
gay, lesbian and transsexual people. Well, if I meet a girl who would be willing 
to spend her life with me and I feel the "spark" being present, than I would go 
for it. Otherwise I rather walk alone.

Here I feel that it is time to wish you all the best and hope that more and more 
people will find their life more fulfilling. If I can help to spread this growth 
and prosperity around me by doing what I believe in, that would be great. If 
anyone would like to support me please get in touch or make a contribution by 
the donation, I do appreciate it.

Have a great time and please stay in touch!



::PS Please note that the first two newsletters will be send to the people who's 
contact details I have, after that just to the ones who sign for the mailing 
list which is in preparation. All newsletters will be posted and archived on the 
web pages. 


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