[Brmlab] is the tikiwiki nightmare? mediawiki install at justhost.com possible?

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 14:38:05 CET 2011

Hi to All!
My patients is gone. I've installed tikiwiki on the server of my web page and 
domain provider http://justhost.com (php wiki being the only other option for a 
simple installation). After a month of fight I'm starting to gave up. I've not 
been able to upload an image yet and that is just one of many problems (it took 
me 5 min at Noisebridge to learn how to do it). I was hoping to find easy to 
access web pages which I can use as an inspiration seeing exactly how they are 
written (like Noisebridge wiki). This system was amazing and I loved it. Now I 
feel alone, not being able to find "easy to fallow manual", easy to fallow 
templates in use and not meeting a single hacker within last month or so who's 
answer to "do you know tikiwiki" would be yes" (except two who's answer I'll can 
not present here but they were very specific and quite emotional).

I wonder what shall I do? Is it possible to install at justhost the mediawiki? 
If so could someone help me with that? I do not see the tikiwiki a option any 
more, it just doesn't work for me, to be honest I think it sucks (at least for 



PS I'm not very good in making web pages that is for sure and that was also the 
reason why I wanted something simple, easy to learn and with active support from 
the community which I work with. 


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