[Brmlab] Give a talk and visit brmlab on October 25th?

Deborah Nicholson deb at eximiousproductions.com
Fri Aug 26 17:29:02 CEST 2011

Dear brmlab,
I'm a free software activist based in Boston, Massachusetts and I'm
going to be in Prague for Linuxcon in October.
(http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/linuxcon-europe) I'd really
like to see brmlab and meet local hackers while I'm in town. I often
give talks and thought it would be fun to give a talk at your space.
There are two topics I'm excited about right now and I could give a
talk on either one. It's up to you all whether "Community Organizing
for Free Software Activists" or "Why Decentralization of the Web is
Crazy Important" would be more appealing. Both talks are about forty
minutes long although I'm certainly flexible. I'm also happy to answer
questions afterwards or have my talk be a jumping off point for an
open conversation.

Tuesday, October 25th is the night I'd like to join you, maybe after
your regular meeting?

My background: I'm originally an artist who got interested in politics
and then I became an activist who got interested in technology and
particularly free software. Currently, I split my time between
MediaGoblin (a federated media-hosting start-up,) Open Hatch (a
non-profit dedicated to identifying and mentoring new free software
contributors) and Harvard where I am very slowly pursuing a graduate
degree in Information Technology.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing brmlab!

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