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FYI - ake prednasky mame od Mitcha na vyber.

Ja by som si celkom dal aj kludne "How to start a hackerspace" alebo
"Brain machine".

Mali by sme sa dohodnut, co od neho vlastne chceme, aby sme vedeli, co
mame dalej propagovat :)

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Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 16:04:47 -0700
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To: Pavol Luptak <wilder at trip.sk>
Subject: RE: Slovakia visit

    Hi Pavol,

    I don't have a list anywhere of my presentations.  But, here's a few 
to choose from:
         -- 5-minute Lightning talk:  How I went from a depressed blob 
of a kid to a jet-setting, public-speaking inventor who loves my life
         -- 60-minute (including Q&A):  How to bring you project from 
idea to reality, and make a living on what you love
         -- 60-minute (including Q&A):  How to start a hackerspace
         -- 60-minute (including Q&A):  How to make cool things with
    microcontrollers (Microcontrollers 101)
         -- 60-minute (including Q&A):  TV-B-Gone,  Life, and Media literacy
         -- 60-minute (including Q&A):  Brain Machine
    I also take requests.  :)

    14:00h for the workshop and 20:00h for the presentation sounds good.


[wilder at trip.sk] [http://trip.sk/wilder/] [talker: ttt.sk 5678]

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