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Pavel Ruzicka ruza at ruza.eu
Sun Sep 5 23:03:26 CEST 2010

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Date: 	Sun, 5 Sep 2010 13:55:09 -0700

Hello ruza,

I have put my schedule together. The date that will work for me for a
workshop at brmlab is Thursday, 16-September. Can that work for you?

If so, I will arrive in Prague on the 15th, do the workshop on the 16th,
and leave (for Budapest) on the 17th.

Is there someone who can put me up while in Prague? I am really easy. A
couch, floor space, 5-star hotel -- whatever!

Warm regards,

From: maltman23 at hotmail.com
To: ruza at ruza.eu
CC: stefan.marsiske at gmail.com; rada at brmlab.cz
Subject: RE: mitch altman in bratislava,prague,bucharest
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 11:02:25 -0700

Hello, ruza,

Good to hear from you!

Congratulations on signing your rental agreement. :) It's an exciting time.

In my experience it is best to open up the workshop to everyone. This
usually attracts a lot of people who may not otherwise have heard of
your space, and potentially become members. At the beginning of each
workshop I give an introduction, and in it I let people know that the
hackerspace is funded by member dues and dontations, and welcome people
to donate any amount of money if they like. So, it is good to have a
donation box. It is also good to have stickers for your hackerspace to
give away so that people can put them on their laptops, street lamp
poles, and everywhere -- this reminds people to come back to the
hackerspace. Also, if you have any T-shirts or anything else for sale,
I'll point that out. Please feel free to use the workshop as a
fund-raising opportunity. My time is free -- I only ask to be reimbursed
for my kits used in the workshop.

I'm still putting dates together for my workshops in Eastern Europe.
Maybe the 15th or 16th of September would be good? Does that work for you?

To do a workshop, I'll need you to get the following together:
- a room big enough for everyone to solder
- a demo table to show all the kits that people can make
- tables and chairs for people to solder at
- lighting (if the room doesn't have enough) -- several lamps different
lamps make for a nice feel, too
- soldering irons, each with a stand and sponge (ideally one per
participant, but people can share, if necessary)
- wire cutters (ideally one per participant, again, people can share, if
- solder (with lead is way better!, but unleaded will work if that's all
you can get)
- hot glue gun, with glue sticks to fit it
- AA alkaline batteries (about 40 is good)
- power strips (with one outlet for each solder iron, plus lighting,
plus a hot glue gun, plus daisy chaining)
- AC extension cords to get power to each power strip
- enough printouts of the "Soldering Is Easy" comic for all participants
(translate them, if you like!):

I'll bring all the kits and tools, and everything else needed.

No charge for my time. I do this 'cause I love teaching people how to
make things, and love helping hackerspaces. I ask to be reimbursed for
kits used during the workshop, which is between US$10 and US$30 per kit
(most are US$20).

The workshop is best described by checking out what's been posted for
previous workshops I've given:
Please feel free to copy from these for publicity purposes.

Sound OK?

Please let me know what you think.


  > Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 11:13:49 +0200
  > From: ruza at ruza.eu
  > To: maltman23 at hotmail.com
  > CC: stefan.marsiske at gmail.com; rada at brmlab.cz
  > Subject: Re: mitch altman in bratislava,prague,bucharest
  > Hi Mitch and Stef,
  > Prague hackerspace is called brmlab, has a website http://brmlab.cz/ and
  > we are now in the proces of signing our rental agreement for our place
  > with their owners. I am not sure at what date Mitch wants to be in
  > Prague, it is possible that we will have keys that times, but our place
  > still needs a lot hard work improvements (no electricity, etc). But we
  > are able to organize workshop in another place in Prague. First thing
  > I'd like to know which date Mitch plans to visit Prague.
  > Brmlab has now around 17 paying members, my second question what is your
  > notion of this workshop. Should it be open to public or only for
  > hackerspace members. Do you need some tools, projector? How long do you
  > expect workshop will be, 1 hour or more?
  > I am near to make workshop available only for hackerspace members
  > because it could motivate to people to become and stay as a member of
  > brmlab. But if you prefer open event, we can make it so.
  > ruza
  > On 08/31/2010 09:36 AM, Stef Marsiske wrote:
  > > Hey Mitch,
  > >
  > > On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 09:43:17PM -0700, Mitch Altman wrote:
  > >> Timing is kind of tight now. I do apologize for not looking at all
my date possibilities earlier.
  > >
  > > no worries, our schedule is also very packed.
  > >
  > >> Is there a space in Prague, also?
  > >
  > > yes, afaik it's still in planning. brmlab, i copy this mail to
ruza, who
  > > should be already in contact with you about this, he's from prague
and brmlab.
  > >
  > >> It'd be cool to do a workshop there, too, if there's people there
into it.
  > >
  > > i agree, those people are cool, so a workshop cannot be not cool. ;)
  > >
  > >> You gave me contact info for bon at progressbar in Brataslava, and
Constantin for Harkopen in Bucharest, and you've seen the emails I just
sent to them. Thanks for hooking us all up!
  > >
  > > yes! thank you for going on tour in central europe! this is very
important for
  > > us here.
  > >
  > >> It will be way cool to see what people are up to in these spaces!
  > >
  > > we will be happy to show you everything. ;)
  > >
  > > cant wait,
  > > cheers,s
  > >

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