[Brmlab] Bez(a)Dis Security Weekend 13-14.11.2010 v Kosiciach

Pavol Luptak pavol.luptak at nethemba.com
Wed Oct 13 18:46:12 CEST 2010

Hi all,
I would like to inform you about the interesting IT security event that takes
place during weekend 13-14.11.2010 in Kosice (eastern Slovakia).

Bez(a)Dis is an IT security seminar organized by František Galčík and 
Marián Novotný in Kosice (for more information see
http://bezadis.ics.upjs.sk, the list of past events
http://bezadis.ics.upjs.sk/old/?page=history ).

This open, non-commercial, non-profit, vendor-neutral, purely technological 
event is focused on IT professionals (not only) from IT security. 
Due to the fact that it considerably covers our hackerspace's activities,
it can be a great way how to have some interesting talks (of course in 
English), know and meet each other...

Bez(a)Dis has a financial grant for this event, so it can cover almost all
travelling / accomodation fees for most speakers from Hungary, Slovakia, Czech 
Republic or Austria.

Bez(a)Dis is open to all privacy/security or other interesting topics that
involve your hackerspace activities.

I create a simple form on our hackerspace website http://www.progressbar.sk/
(see top on the right side). If you would like to attend this event, 
please fill this information form or let us know by email.

The main presentation day would be Saturday (13.11), the day before (Friday) 
and the day after (Sunday) would be focused on Capture The Flag and our social 
(h)activities (welcome and good-bye party :-)

Many people from Progressbar are already registered, so don't hesitate to join
this interesting event!

See you in Kosice,

[Pavol Luptak, Nethemba s.r.o.] [http://www.nethemba.com] [tel: +421905400542]
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