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Pavol Luptak pavol.luptak at nethemba.com
Sun Oct 3 16:17:05 CEST 2010

FYI - chalani viete si pripravit na Confidence 2.0 (29-30.11) nejaky zaujimavy
workshop o Prazskom hackerspace ?
(mala by to byt demonstracia vsetkeho co viete, vasich robotov a inych 
zaujimavych projektov, pripadne elektronicky workshop podobny ako robil Mitch).
Bude to pre Vas dobre promo a sucasne a Confidence to spravi zaujimavejsim. 
Vdaka za info.

Este uvadzam, ze kde cela konferencia bude - http://www.wellness-hotel-step.cz/

Confidence bude unikatny akurat v tom, ze to bude zrejme jedina cisto
technologicka nemarketingova, neproduktova IT security konferencia so 
svetovymi prednasajucimi...


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> Hi guys,
> just for information - is it possible to provide some Confidence 2.0 special
> discounts (voucher codes) for active hackerspace members in Prague and
> Bratislava?

Sure, I agree. We should definitely prepare nice discount for them.

> At least in Prague they are very electronically skilled (they created their
> own Brmbot robot, see
> http://brmlab.cz/_media/event/brmbot_outdoor.pdf a won
> few robotic competitions ) and can help Confidence to organize some interesting
> workshops (e.g. robots, interesting hardware, etc), see 
> http://brmlab.cz/project/start . What is really important they are mostly
> local Prague people, so they can also do good promotion for this event.
> So personally I think, special support for these guys makes a sense.
Is it possible to prepare something similar to Mitch electronic
[Pavol Luptak, Nethemba s.r.o.] [http://www.nethemba.com] [tel: +421905400542]
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