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Miroslav Ludvik miroslav.ludvik at 4safety.cz
Wed Nov 10 21:11:32 CET 2010

Pokud jde o 29 a 30, tak ja bych mozna sel. Do kdy je potreba to rict


Dne 10.11.2010 16:05, Pavol Rusnak napsal(a):
> Pokusim sa opat trosku popostrcit tuto temu, chcem ludom okolo
> Confidence coskoro odpisat ...
> 1) nemame prihlaseny ziaden workshop a momentalne sa ani nic necrta,
>    niekt0 prislubil ze nainstaluje WallOfShame
> 2) ako sme na tom? projektor/platno mozem teoreticky pozicat z prace ja,
> ale iba jeden kus z kazdeho
> 3) zatial sa nikto neprihlasil, ak to tak zostane, pravdepodobne tam
> pojdeme pomahat ja s niekt0m
> 4) o toto tiez nikto nema zaujem ... (povodna cena je ~150-170 EUR)
> On 03/11/10 14:03, Pavel Ruzicka wrote:
>> k vcera probiranemu tematu Confidence. Je zajem jak o realizatory
>> workshopu, tak A/V techniky. Zaroven i konferencni sleva je o neco
>> vstricnejsi
>> ruza
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>> From: Jakub Kozioł <jakub.koziol at proidea.org.pl>
>> To: Pavel Ruzicka <ruza at ruza.eu>, Pavol Luptak
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>> CC: Andrzej Targosz <andrzej.targosz at proidea.org.pl>
>> Hi,
>> Sorry for the delay but we were extremely busy with our other
>> conferences. But now we are 100% focused on the CONFidence Conference.
>> It is great to here that we can tie the cooperation. We are planning to
>> open our own Hackerspace in Krakow so It would be additionally great to
>> get some experience from you.
>> As it comes to the rules/conditions. They seem to be quite simple.
>> 1) Workshops - of course organizers of the workshops enter the
>> conference for free. I think that we are talking here about 3-4 people.
>> Am I right? Please tell me what workshops you can organize for us. We
>> will be preparing the workshop villahe so this information is important
>> to us.
>> 2) I have heard from Pavol that guys from Hackerspace can help us with
>> technical stuff. What would be great to get is: two projectors with
>> screens to play presentations, microphones and video cameras to record
>> the lectures. We can pay for the projectors and microphones in the
>> hotel, but we still need the cameras. As it comes to the quality what we
>> need is to be able to watch the lectures on the computer and be able to
>> read what is written on the presrntations. We do not need any HD. If you
>> could provide the equipment for us the we can give for example 2-3 free
>> conference tickets who will take care of the technical stuff during the
>> conference, playing presentations, recording etc. Of course they will
>> have support from our boys.
>> 3) Additionally we would need about 2-3 people who can help us with
>> preparing the conference rooms/foyer and who know Prague and can help us
>> in case of emergency. We can also let them for free.
>> 4) To all other people from Hackerspace or connected to Hackerspace we
>> can offer the conference tickets with 30-50% discount. I can prepare the
>> discount code if everythings seems ok to you.

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