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k vcera probiranemu tematu Confidence. Je zajem jak o realizatory 
workshopu, tak A/V techniky. Zaroven i konferencni sleva je o neco 


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From: Jakub Kozioł <jakub.koziol at proidea.org.pl>
To: Pavel Ruzicka <ruza at ruza.eu>,	Pavol Luptak <pavol.luptak at nethemba.com>
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Sorry for the delay but we were extremely busy with our other 
conferences. But now we are 100% focused on the CONFidence Conference. 
It is great to here that we can tie the cooperation. We are planning to 
open our own Hackerspace in Krakow so It would be additionally great to 
get some experience from you.

As it comes to the rules/conditions. They seem to be quite simple.
1) Workshops - of course organizers of the workshops enter the 
conference for free. I think that we are talking here about 3-4 people. 
Am I right? Please tell me what workshops you can organize for us. We 
will be preparing the workshop villahe so this information is important 
to us.

2) I have heard from Pavol that guys from Hackerspace can help us with
technical stuff. What would be great to get is: two projectors with 
screens to play presentations, microphones and video cameras to record 
the lectures. We can pay for the projectors and microphones in the 
hotel, but we still need the cameras. As it comes to the quality what we 
need is to be able to watch the lectures on the computer and be able to 
read what is written on the presrntations. We do not need any HD. If you 
could provide the equipment for us the we can give for example 2-3 free 
conference tickets who will take care of the technical stuff during the 
conference, playing presentations, recording etc. Of course they will 
have support from our boys.

3) Additionally we would need about 2-3 people who can help us with
preparing the conference rooms/foyer and who know Prague and can help us 
in case of emergency. We can also let them for free.

4) To all other people from Hackerspace or connected to Hackerspace we 
can offer the conference tickets with 30-50% discount. I can prepare the
discount code if everythings seems ok to you.

On 21/10/10 16:37 , "Pavol Luptak" <pavol.luptak at nethemba.com> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> regarding Prague's hackerspace support for the Confidence 2.0 in Prague.
> They are definitely willing to help the Confidence, but they need to know
> exact rules/conditions, e.g. if the hackerspace workshop organizers can have
> the Confidence entry for free, or how big will be Confidence discounts for
> their other supporting members, etc.
> I Cc Ruza who is one of the Prague's hackerspace leaders. Please let him know.
> Pavol
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> Ahoj,
> neco pripravene urcite bude. Nase ucast je ale taky dost zavisla na tom
> zda i po nas budou vyzadovane nejake konferecni poplatky, pripadne koli
> kby byl ten discount.
> Jsou uz tedy jasne konkretnejsi podminky?
> ruza
> On 10/03/2010 04:17 PM, Pavol Luptak wrote:
>> FYI - chalani viete si pripravit na Confidence 2.0 (29-30.11) nejaky
>> zaujimavy
>> workshop o Prazskom hackerspace ?
>> (mala by to byt demonstracia vsetkeho co viete, vasich robotov a inych
>> zaujimavych projektov, pripadne elektronicky workshop podobny ako robil
>> Mitch).
>> Bude to pre Vas dobre promo a sucasne a Confidence to spravi zaujimavejsim.
>> Vdaka za info.
>> Este uvadzam, ze kde cela konferencia bude -
>> http://www.wellness-hotel-step.cz/
>> Confidence bude unikatny akurat v tom, ze to bude zrejme jedina cisto
>> technologicka nemarketingova, neproduktova IT security konferencia so
>> svetovymi prednasajucimi...
>> Pavol
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>> Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 14:23:53 +0200
>> From: Andrzej Targosz <andrzej.targosz at proidea.org.pl>
>> To: Pavol Luptak <pavol.luptak at nethemba.com>
>> CC: Jakub Kozioł <jakub.koziol at proidea.org.pl>
>> Subject: Re: Confidence 2.0 discount for Prague/Bratislava's hackerspaces
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>> Hi,
>>> Hi guys,
>>> just for information - is it possible to provide some Confidence 2.0 special
>>> discounts (voucher codes) for active hackerspace members in Prague and
>>> Bratislava?
>> Sure, I agree. We should definitely prepare nice discount for them.
>>> At least in Prague they are very electronically skilled (they created their
>>> own Brmbot robot, see
>>> http://brmlab.cz/_media/event/brmbot_outdoor.pdf a won
>>> few robotic competitions ) and can help Confidence to organize some
>>> interesting
>>> workshops (e.g. robots, interesting hardware, etc), see
>>> http://brmlab.cz/project/start . What is really important they are mostly
>>> local Prague people, so they can also do good promotion for this event.
>>> So personally I think, special support for these guys makes a sense.
>> Is it possible to prepare something similar to Mitch electronic
>> workshop's?
>> Regards
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