[Brmlab] Laser Hacking #3

George Blackhead blackhead at blackhead.cz
Wed Dec 15 20:57:04 CET 2010

One more thing on this subject:

We should try to check out datasheets of the target chip to find out what is
protocol overhead and what is the firmware code block...


I don't remember the chip's part number, but it should be revealed from
inside of the box - right from the chip/Windows driver VEN_/DEV_ ID.
I remember I found some other fw for this chip on the internet. We should
try to upload that "other" firmware to the chip. It would not work for the
ILDA decoder, but it should show us the way...



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Awesome!!! Congratulations!

Now, we have to figure out the meaning of the usbinit log. Because
simply using it without understanding it is similar to our previous
condition of using proprietary software.

Actually, if our theory that this usbinit performs a firmware upload
is correct, then it is precisely proprietary software that we are
still relying on and that must be fixed.

The benefits of understanding the firmware upload protocol is that we
can create our own free firmware for the device, which opens up
several interesting possibilities for improving the laser display.

Well... I've been dealing a lot recently with this issue of devices
that require non-free firmware in order to work properly. That means I
already have some ideas of strategies that we can try:

Strategy 1:

Inspect the windows driver trying to find blocks of data that are
similar to the usbinit log. This can be useful to give us a clearer
idea of which bytes in the log are firmware code and which ones are
just part of the fw upload protocol.

Strategy 2:

try to disassembly some portions of the usbinit log using a 8051
disassembler. Try to identify something that looks like valid code.
Use that information to thing again about the structure of the
firmware upload protocol.

Lets do it?

Felipe Sanches

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 1:41 AM, niekt0 <niekt0 at hysteria.sk> wrote:
> Hi,
> we spent night in brmlab and
> laser initialization from linux is finally working.
> Also we fixed some bugs. (everything is in svn)
> We just pust a simple video on our youtube,
> check soup.brmlab.cz.
> enjoy;)
> n.
> On 12/14/10, Felipe Sanches <juca at members.fsf.org> wrote:
>> I am writting a blogpost about the laser projector project and I need
>> some videos. Is it possible for you to shoot short videos (around 30
>> seconds or a minute) of these things, please?
>> * the simple vector drawing tool (run bedit.py and draw a bit)
>> * the wallburner (scerensaver) with bezier curves - it is example3.py
>> thanks,
>> Felipe Sanches
>> On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:17 AM, Pavel Ruzicka <ruza at ruza.eu> wrote:
>>> if you need some advice regarding chaosvpn/agoralink let me know. ive
>>> connected brmlab to that vpn
>>> ruza
>>> On 12/12/2010 07:59 PM, Ax wrote:
>>>> Laser was moved to other room and connected to server there. Results
>>>> are quite impressive:
>>>> http://picasaweb.google.com/axtheb/Brmlab
>>>> Hopefully we can arrange working webcam and some vpn soon... Felippe,
>>>> do you have access to agoralink/chaosvpn? Using that we can get you
>>>> link quickly [http://brmlab.cz/project/chaosvpn]
>>>> And, please, give me commit rights to the repo so I can put my util
>>>> lib and the rocket game there.
>>>> Ax
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