[Brmlab] Laser hacking #2

Pavel Ruzicka ruza at ruza.eu
Sun Dec 12 16:03:02 CET 2010

cool. we can publish url then and ccc visitors could wrote on the wall.
and we can also have a webcam streaming that pictures :)


On 12/12/2010 03:31 PM, Pavol Rusnak wrote:
> On 12/12/10 14:18, Felipe Sanches wrote:
>> I hope you like it :-D
> This is really cool!
> I got an idea that we can combine SVG-edit with Laser control software.
> SVG-edit is a tool I started to write some time ago, but now I am no
> longer actively involved in. It is somewhat a clone of inkscape, but it
> can run in any modern browser. It is also highly modular, so we can
> create a special user interface (no fills allowed, only few selection of
> colors, not all features enabled) and add a hook, which will be called
> on every "Save Image" event and will send a new SVG image to the control
> software. I will check the possibilities next time I am in brmlab
> (Monday or Tuesday evening).

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