[Brmlab Announce] Hackerspace Stories

Zach Kaplan zkaplan at inventables.com
Fri Nov 19 21:44:43 CET 2010

I am the founder of Inventables (http://www.inventables.com) an online
store that sells innovative materials in small quantities for hackers,
prototypes and R&D projects.

I am interested in interviewing some hackers/makers that have built the
coolest projects in and around your hackerspace for a series on makers
I am doing for our blog.

Please contact me directly with the names and emails of makers along
with photos of their projects. We'd love to share their work with the
Inventables community because I believe it is part of an important
global trend towards democratizing access to "making".



Zach Kaplan

222 W. Ontario #350
Chicago, IL 60654
p. 312.274.9941
c. 773.936.4975
f 413.332.0054

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