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-====== Raspberry Pi Night ====== 
-name=Raspberry Pi Night| 
-datetime=17.10.2012 20:00| 
-stream=[[stream]] }} 
-Series of talks and workshops related to Rasperry Pi. 
-Anyone is welcome to attend and talk; we expect the talks to have a workshop-like atmosphere and include a lot of discussion with the audience and possibly (not required!) even hands-on demos. Talks will be in Czech by default, but presentations in English are welcome as well. 
-If you don't have your Pi yet, it's also generally possible to buy one in brmlab; we try to keep some extra Pi kits for sale in brmbar at all times, but it's better to let us know in advance if you want to buy one (e.g. at pasky@ucw.cz). 
-===== First Session 17.10.2012 20:00 ===== 
-Expected duration of each talk is 10-30 minutes (no hard schedule). 
-^ # ^ who ^ what ^ 
-| 1 | pasky | Raspberry Pi the Arduino style - Working with the GPIO pins | 
-| 2 | kxt | ? | 
-| 3 | ruza | ? | 
-| 4 | btr | HD porn on Raspberry Pi | 
-| 5 | stick | Graphics and OpenGL ES on Raspberry Pi | 
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