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ruza_brm.jpg name: Pavel Růžička
email: ruza@ruza.eu
phone: 606339276
web: http://ruza.eu
irc nick: ruza
jabber: ruza@njs.netlab.cz


  • “Hackers have mindset to see what is possible”
  • “Mým nejdůležitějším projektem v brmlabu je brmlab samotný.”
  • events organizator (Mitch Altman workshop, 27C3, Meetups)
  • brmlab council member (user evidence, etc)
  • t-shirt sale
  • club-mate distribution
  • wii, roomba, android, kombucha brewing
  • regular conferences visitor
  • linux and unix support, net.work.ing

Other usefull things

Script generates sshfp records (even ECDSA and SHA256)

My talks



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