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traktor.jpg name: Jakub Kyknos Friedl
email: wnxho.sevrqy@tznvy.pbz
phone: available on request
irc nick: kyknos, jfriedl

Pursuing BSc in Agrobiology/Zoology/Ichthyology at CULS Prague.

Interested mainly in biology and biohacking (but it involves hardware and software as well). Some keywords of interest: ichthyology, fishkeeping, aquaculture, marine biology, blackwater biotopes, ethology, animal cognition and communication, genetics, molecular biology, bioelectricity, bioluminescence, microscopy, macrophotography, multispectral photography, bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, evolution of intelligence, evolution of senescence, anti-aging, food hacking, astrobiology. And also: space exploration, traveling, sailing, navigation, languages, visual arts, robotics, and more…

Interested to create a real _dedicated_ biohackerspace, not necessarily at Brmlab (where my experiments have been ruined by irresponsible “hackers”).

Searching for a good space, biohackers welcome!

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