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name: Jakub Kyknos Friedl
email: wnxho.sevrqy@tznvy.pbz
phone: available on request
irc nick: kyknos, jfriedl

Interested mainly in biology and biohacking (but it involves hardware and software as well).

Three years at Faculty of Medicine, three years at Faculty of Sciences (Molecular Biology). Currently studying Zoology @ CULS / Faculty of Agrobiology (five years planned :).

Projects I am interested in / contributing to / planning to contribute to: Project Biolab, Food hacking, MyxoBrm aneb HlenkoBrm

More details (incomplete list):

  • Synthetic biology / genetic engineering: postponed until the hell freezes over, not possible under current CZ/EU law
  • Analytical molecular biology: getting data from DNA (pcr, sequencing, barcoding); WORK IN PROGRESS!
  • Evolutionary biology: molecular phylogenetics, computer modeling, some experiments?
  • Weakly electric fish: electrolocation and electrocommunication analysis; (needs space)
  • Robotic submarine: for underwater photography, sample collection etc.
  • Robotic Artemia hatcher/feeder system: possibly with a distribution system able to serve several tanks
  • Parosphromenus breeding: saving blackwater nanofish; (needs space)
  • Optical microscopy for biology: incl. proper staining and lighting techniques (needs €€€)
  • Multispectral macrophotography: searching for UV patterns used in communication (needs €€€)
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