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Aquarium computer

Aquarium computer
founder: stick
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status: suspended

Goals of the Project

  • The aim of the project is to build computer running inside aquarium. We have also old ATM screens that can be put inside too.
  • This one was built at SUSE Prague office:

Status and Plan

We have most of the stuff (old small CRT, motherboard, CPU, floppy, old GFX with TVout), see below:

Still, the most important things for aquarium are missing:

  • [TODO] get aquarium - 40x25x25 (25L)
  • [TODO] get aquarium equipment - pump, pebbles, etc.
  • [TODO] USB flashdrive for storage
  • [TODO] light tube
  • [TODO] get mineral oil - e.g. this one, SUSE folks got oil from here
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