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Mailing Lists

Our primary communication media are IRC, the meetups and the mailing lists. Some brmlab people come to the IRC, some people come to the meetups, but almost everyone is subscribed to (and sometimes reads) the mailing lists. You are very welcome to subscribe (and post) even if you are not an official member!

We now have three mailing lists for general public (and general membership):

  • The announcements mailing list archives
    • This lower-traffic list is for distribution of important announcements - usually covering upcoming events and major project-related news. But many important brmlab-related discussions and decisions may not ever reach this list, so if you are more interested in brmlab, see below.
  • The main discussion mailing list archives
    • This is the main discussion mailing list. Anyone interested is welcome to post and discuss. It is rather high-traffic (around 25 mails per week?) but you get to participate in most cool stuff brewing in and 'round brmlab! Also join the IRC channel to really get it *all*. ;-)
  • The mailing list archives
    • This mailing list is read by people of the brmlab community that are looking for neat projects and interesting opportunities. Post here if you are looking for employees, contractors or just need to get something repaired. Commercial inquiries (both for-profit and non-profit organizations) belong here.

If you have any questions or requests and you don't want to spam all the hackers, you can reach just the brmlab representatives at (Please mark private enquiries explicitly.)

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