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International Open Hackerspaces Day

International Open HackerSpaces Day
founder: ruza
date/time: 30.3.2013, 10-23h
place: brmlab
stream: stream

On the 30th of March 2013, hackerspaces everywhere will open their doors for everyone who wants to know what real hackers are and what they do. There are more than 500 hackerspaces worldwide, with more being founded every year.

Make a fork into an iPhone-holder, change a simple toy into an advanced musical instrument, turn on a coffee machine with you mobile or create a radio from your Wifi router. Sound familiar? Then you are a hacker: hacking is commonplace, and with the right mindset anyone can be a hacker. This will be demonstrated in hackerspaces during the open day. Last year more then 300 people visited the first open hackerspaces day in the Netherlands, and now this event will go international.

On the 30th of March, hackerspaces will show that hacker communities have a wide spectrum of interests as well as a rich history. Pioneered in the mid-90s by c-Base (Berlin), Metalab (Vienna) and others, there are now more than 500 hackerspaces worldwide, open locations where everyone is welcome to programme, solder, make and discuss. Most spaces also hold all sorts of workshops and lectures.

Terms such as 'Ethical hacking' and free knowledge will be explained. Sharing knowledge, whether technical or ethical, are often seen as one of the core values of a hackerspace. “Many projects built in a hackerspace are documented on the internet so that others can re-use or improve them.” says Dave Borghuis, initiator of the Dutch hackerspaces open day and founder of dutch hackerspace “A simple question about how something works or to create something often results in a cooperation and sharing knowledge. This is all very accessible and is much broader than only working with computers”

Hackers like to create things; many old appliances find their way to a hackerspace. An electric motor of an old mixer can be use for a remote controlled car. If something doesn't exist they create it themselves, with a 3D printer, laser cutter or electronics and software - all based on open and free available knowledge that is actively shared and spread around the world.

The open day is motely and full of variety, with all kind of activities throughout the world. Every hackerspace has its own program, just a few highlights of the possible subjects: create products with a 3D printer or lasercutter, workshops about soldering and electronics for beginners, lockpicking, how to safely browse the internet and much more. See the list of activities in a hackerspace near to you.

Everyone is welcome to take a look. Most spaces are open from 10:00 till 17:00 local time, but check the program of the hackerspace you want to visit.

There is no need to RSVP, members of the press please indicate that you are coming.

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