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Wire transfer

We have a Fio bank account. You can transfer money in the following ways:

  • CZK transfers: 2500079551/2010 (PREFERRED)
    • Slovak domestic wire transfer: 2500079551/8330
    • IBAN SK1683300000002500079551 BIC FIOZSKBAXXX
  • EUR transfers: 2100079552/2010
    • Slovak domestic wire transfer: 2100079552/8330
    • IBAN SK0783300000002100079552 BIC FIOZSKBAXXX
  • USD transfers: 2900079550/2010
    • Slovak domestic wire transfer: 2900079550/8330
    • IBAN SK2583300000002900079550 BIC FIOZSKBAXXX

(If you are a member paying monthly fees, use your numeric user id as variable symbol and specific symbol 1. If you want to give a tax-deducible donation, please use specific symbol 2 and contact us at rada@brmlab.cz for a receipt.)


We accept bitcoins at the following address: 1BRMLAB7nryYgFGrG8x9SYaokb8r2ZwAsX


The forms below are broken right now due to ongoing changes in our wiki, we apologize for the inconvenience! We will appreciate donations on paypal address rada@brmlab.cz.





Experimenting and improving can be pretty expensive. If you would like to support RepRap project you can donate us on consumption goods.

Polylactic_acid (whole roll, 2.3kg), thermoplastic made from sugarcane or cornstarch used for printing all that awesome things :)

Acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene, another thermoplastic material


during tuesday meetups ask for Sargon or Brmduino ;)

price :

  • Brmduino kit →
  • Brmduino only →
  • FTDI board only →

this is really cost of developement costs + hand soldering on ftdi board

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